Cool Marketing Ideas For Your Startup


If you’re just starting out as a business owner, it might be quite a challenge. But a positive way of looking at it is that you have a clean slate. You can look at what others have done through the years and where they’ve gone wrong. You can learn from their mistakes and perfect the art of running a business.

One of the most important areas of this is marketing. But because it’s so important, and everyone’s doing it there’s a danger of being derivative. So you need to come up with cool and original ways to market your brand.

Here’s a few to get you started:


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Business Cards

If you want a trendy, cool and sophisticated way to market your business you can’t get much better than business cards. Studies have shown that business cards are still one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing. This might be because they look so trendy. These days you can customise business cards, and it really is easy to make them look fantastic. You can add a bit of your flair to the design, and you can include whatever details you want to have. A business card is almost like a condensed, portable version of your resume. And it can be more important than you think. People are more likely to remember a business card than an email address. And you want people to take notice of your business cards. They should be trendy, striking and relevant. You want to make sure you’re always carrying them around with you too. You never know who and when you’re going to meet somebody you can hand one to. You might also want to think about visiting trade shows and conventions and handing out cards. Business cards remain one of the most effective forms of marketing for startup businesses.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is an untapped resource. These days too many businesses are preoccupied with online advertising. They don’t think about anything else because the internet’s seen as the be all and end all. And yes, it is important for you to have a great online marketing campaign. But you can get one over on your rivals by also using more tangible forms of marketing. Using posters, signs or billboards outside can be a highly effect way of promoting your company. The effectiveness of outdoor ads seems down to where they’re positioned. People who are driving are unable to escape billboards. They can also be there a long time, giving you constant exposure. Not to mention the fact that outdoor advertising can prove to be cost effective on your budget. You’ll also find that you aren’t limited by a virtual landscape. You can do what you like within reason, and you should try to think outside the box.


Once you get to the issue of online marketing, you need to think about ways you can stand out. Yes, a website is important, but every business online is going to have a website. The same is true of social media. And while you need to have these things too you also need to have something extra. This extra thing should be a blog. The blogosphere is huge and growing in power and prestige each day. You need to start a blog about your business and about industry news relevant to your business. You can use your website and your social media presence to put links to your blog. Try to get a position as a guest blogger on somebody elses blog. They will link to your blog and help promote your business. So many people have an interest in blogging nowadays that it seems silly not to get involved yourself. It’s so easy to start a blog these days, and there are many sites dedicated to it that will help you set up a template.