How You Can Train Yourself To Be Essential To Any Startup


Being part of a startup company is great. You feel like you could be the next big thing. For all you know, you could be. The problem with startups is that they are filled with people who will not be there in five years. If the business is successful, the weak links fall away pretty quickly. You do not want to be the weak link. You need to prove your importance to the business. You need to show other members that you need to be kept. If you can prove that, you’ll last in the long term. First you need to give yourself essential skills.

Project Management

Startups are quite freeform. Don’t forget this. If you try to impose order, you will seem too controlling and bossy. This might create personal tensions between you and them. You’re not their boss. They are not your employees. Try and keep the team goal oriented and working to the next milestone. Make sure these milestones are clear and concise. Better yet, why not write them on a giant whiteboard in the room you work in?

Coding Skills

As most startups are technology based it seems it’s a good idea to learn a programming language. You can visit for more information on how to learn the Python coding language. It might also be beneficial to have some knowledge of other coding languages like C++ and Java.


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Be A ‘T-Shaped’ Person

A T-shaped person is a business term. In a lot of ways, it incorporates the reasoning why we’re suggesting you learn skills to support your worth to a business. The horizontal line in the T stands for depth of knowledge in one sector. The vertical line in the T stands for shallower knowledge in a range of other subjects. Being a T-shaped person is to be really good at one thing, but capable enough in others.

Money Management

This might not matter a lot during the early stages of a startup. The capital is unlikely to be very fluid and tied up in resources more than anything. Once you start to gain traction, then it is time to break out the money management skills. There are some economics books you can look into. It’s important to look directly at the economics of selling your services and goods, and the economics of operating a business. That’ll help you when dealing with money internally and externally.

Networking Skills

Someone in the startup needs to be the networker. You’ll never make any contracts without contacts. If the other skills aren’t working out for you, you can try being the charm offensive of the startup. You’ll need to meet a lot of people and try to be as pleasant and interesting as you can. Make sure people remember you afterwards. Tell them your name, what you do, and give a business card if you can. It isn’t easy being the public face of a startup, but so long as you are getting noticed without making too many waves, you should be fine.