Why Video Is Changing Marketing Forever



It would be a quaint story if it were not quite so powerfully prophetic. Video, the 21st-century predecessor of film and the moving picture is still changing and gripping our world. In fact, video has become the fastest and most powerful tool in any businesses marketing box of tricks. It is not even something that is remotely up for debate. It is fact that in a little over two years, two-thirds of all consumer internet traffic will be video. The only thing up for debate on this issue is the fact that it might even be sooner. If you are not using video for your website and related activities you need to start now.

Video informs and entertains.

We cannot divorce our love for video from the fact that it entertains us like no other medium. Don’t just let the latest blockbuster figures tell you that. Why do you think the relentless sequel of series are even more successful than they were twenty or thirty years ago? From superheroes to Star Wars, the medium of film and video is relentless. And it is very good at selling things.


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At the same time that entertainment is being used to market and inform. It is a salient fact that brands who use video content are thought more highly of. They are simply perceived to be better. That is quite a powerful thought if you are thinking about how you might promote your brand. Quite simply if you are not already on the bus you need to be thinking seriously about how you will get your ticket.
Information is the key aspect of how video can work for your success. Close to education, it is all about explaining how your product will benefit lives. And there is no better way than video to demonstrate that.

Video is easy to make.

Productions costs have fallen dramatically with technological development. You don’t have to be a technical genius, but you do have to know your way around a suitable software programme. Adobe Premier Pro training classes can help you learn. You’ll need to be able to master some basic skills. For example capturing the content is a skill in itself, for without the raw material the rest of the process will not happen.

Having said that you’ll need to be able to edit and then to add special effects. Make no mistake video may be easy to make but mastering it is an art. You will want to feel confident all the way to graphics, title and final production. But your learning journey will all be worth it.

Video is easy and attractive to share

If you engage a viewer, they will share the content. It is that simple. It has never been easier or quicker for them to do that. When people watch video content, they become involved with you. That means they are spending time on your website. They are surrounded by and connecting with your content and products.

If they are finding something of value there for them, then you have succeeded in building the beginnings of a relationship. Where you take that relationship will be up to you, but one thing is certain, it will be because of and with video at the helm.